Jay Z & The Smashing Pumpkins se funden en un mashup maravilloso con ‘Marcy Projects And The Infinite Sadness’ de la mano de Spose

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marcy projects and the infinite sadness

Maravilla la que acabamos de encontrar en Stereogum, en la que bajo el título de ‘Marcy Projects And The Infinite Sadness’ podemos encontrar el Black album de Jay-Z sobre el mítico álbum de los Smashing Pumpkins. Una bizarrada que se puede descargar directamente desde aquí, o consumir en streaming vía video. Ha sido creado por Spose, un amante de Jay-Z y de los Smashing, y que ha conseguido hacer estos mash up por diversión para quitar un poco de hierro a este año de mierda.

«What’s up guys I’m Spose. I’m this guy and this guy and, in 2010, I was this guy. I live Maine, USA. In June 2020, I mashed up a song by my favorite rapper Jay-Z and my favorite band The Smashing Pumpkins for fun. Had a lot of fun. So, I did it 13 more times.  Making this project was both a labor of love and something that I needed to get my head in the right space to get back to work on my own art. I hope other fans of either Jay, The Pumpkins, or both can find some escape from this year of shit in these songs! Enjoy until they make me take it down!»



1. Interlude / Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
2. Change Clothes / I Am One
3. Public Service Announcement / Cherub Rock
4. Allure / Tonight, Tonight
5. Threat / Mayonaise
6. Encore / X.Y.U.
7. Moment of Clarity / Today
8. 99 Problems / Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
9. What More Can I Say / Hummer
10. Justify My Thug / Ava Adore
11. Lucifer / The Aeroplane Flies High
12. Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Eye
13. December 4th / Heavy Metal Machine
14. My First Song / Marquis In Spades


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