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  1. Melissa

    24 diciembre 2016 18:02

    Thats the truth! If you think the Govt will tell you, have about month left before major casohtrapte takes place , that may create Lawsuites. HAAAAAA never mind getting hit by astroide that may wipe out Citys , its law suites that you cant take alot hits by .

  2. http://www.kreditrechner.pw/

    6 enero 2017 19:50

    Maybe. I just see a lot of states where there are very successful MSAs and very unsuccessful MSAs – Dillon’s Rule or not. Santa Barbara, CA has 7.4% unemployment while El Centro, CA has 26.8%. In Virginia, Martinsville has 15% unemployment while Charlottesville has 5.2%.If states were really able to do much I guess I’d expect to see more homogeneity within each state.

  3. immobilienkredit

    9 marzo 2017 22:49

    : relevé le rêve révélé ? Anagramme et anacyclique jouaient aux revenentes et c’est anacyclique qu’est tombé à l’ô le beau premier…Signé Bob @ Clairon : Plaît-il M’dame ?

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